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Selective coating

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Technical information

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Unlike conventional processing, when selective coating takes place the coating medium (the electrolyte) is led to the component and not the other way round. This means that a component-specific coating reactor is needed that surrounds the component, making it airtight and watertight. For this, the workpiece is attached to a DC source and acts as a cathode during the coating process.

Advantages and options

  • Process reliability, since there is a considerable degree of automation
  • Reproducibility, since it can be standardised
  • Fast depositing speed because of the considerable amount of convection (electrolyte movement)
  • Outstanding coating quality with regard to dimensional accuracy, homogeneity and appearance
  • Ecological advantages, no carryover and odour emissions thanks to closed reactor
  • Particularly suitable for partial coating

Requirements for the use of this method:

  • Recurring components with identical dimensions, since the initial costs for the component-specific reactor are quite high
  • Round components (diameter) are preferred, since optimum electrolyte circulation is guaranteed

Verfahren zur Selektiv-Beschichtung

Grundsätzlich können sämtliche Beschichtungsverfahren selektiv abgeschieden werden. Unsere Erfahrungen beschränken sich momentan auf die Abscheidung folgender Metalle:

  • Silver
  • Chemical nickel (high / mid phos)
  • Chemical nickel-boron
  • Hard chrome