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Process overview

A broadly diversified process spectrum drawing on physical, electrochemical and chemical coating processes makes it possible to offer coatings tailored to applications and requirements. The key to the right choice is in-depth understanding of the system. The foundations for economic production are the right choice of material and the use of ideal manufacturing and coating technologies.

Grafik unseres Verfahrensspektrums mit Links auf die VerfahrenChrome BoostChemical nickel silicon carbide dispersionCERODEM® TiCNCERODEM® DLC LFCERODEM® DLC STChemisch Nickel (also: electroless nickel)Chemical edge coating removal with titaniumEtching of alloyed steelsTRIODEM®Electropolishing Chemisch Nickel Bornitrid-Dispersion BORDEM® Chemical nickel high phos Electropolishing CERODEM® Hybrid Chemical nickel PTFE dispersion CERODEM® DLC, CERODEM® CrN, CERODEM® W-C:H Hard chrome Chemical nickel low phos Chemical nickel silicon carbide dispersion Bright chrome Matt nickel Bright nickel Technical silver plating Tin Black chrome Etching of alloyed steels

Process overview with maximum component dimensions

Process max. component dimensions (LxWxD) in mm max. weight Bulk material Rack
BORDEM® 900 400 750 1000kg x x
Etching of special materials (Ti / CoCr / stainless steel) 700 400 800 50kg x x
Chemical nickel high phos 2000 500 1100 2500kg x x
Chemical nickel low phos 1800 500 1100 1500kg x x
Chemical nickel PTFE 700 400 800 50kg x x
Chemical nickel SiC 1800 400 1100 2000kg   x
Chemical nickel diamond 500 400 500 500kg   x
Boron nitride 900 400 750 1000kg x x
Electropolishing / Passivation 700 400 800 50kg   x
Hard chrome 2000 850 2000 2000kg   x
Sulfamate nickel 2000 500 1100 2500kg   x
Technical silver plating 700 400 800 50kg   x
Technical tin 1800 400 1100 1000kg x x
TRIODEM® 700 700 800 50kg   x
Zinc 2600 400 850 250kg x x
Bright chrome 2600 400 850 250kg   x
Matt nickel 2000 250 850 100kg x x
Bright nickel 2600 400 850 250kg x x
Black chrome 600 150 600 25kg   x