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personnel reinforcement in the management

Roman Würsch and Jürgen Meyer are the new members in our management

Roman Würsch
Jürgen Meyer

The last seven years,  Jürgen Meyer was the managing director in a coating facility near Stuttgart, which was specialized in the development and coating of components with electroless nickel dispersion layers. He studied surface treatment and material technology at the university in Aalen, Germany. As Head of Business Development at De Martin AG, he is responsible for the expansion of our electroless nickel dispersion layers as well as developing new markets for our unique coating portfolio of electrolytical, electroless and physical coating treatments.

The new operations manager / COO Roman Würsch worked in the fields of decorative and functional coatings as well as in the PCB and medical technology. He was head of the Medical Surface Center at his last employer KKS Ultraschall AG and has seven years experience in the medical technology. At De Martin AG he is the new operations manager and he is at our clients disposal for technical information and feasibility clarification.

We are very happy to welcome two competent and technically versed new members in our management.